The Czech pilot took place in Říčany, a small municipality of 15,000 inhabitants, located close to Prague.

The Říčany pilot was the first to employ the EMPATIA platform in an active PB cycle, which corresponded with the city’s first-ever PB process, launched in fall 2016 and completed with city-wide voting in May 2017. The second cycle of PB is underway. The pilot was structured to integrate the EMPATIA platform into the city’s multi-channel participation strategy, whose principal online tool prior to PB was the city website and D21 polling platform, used for the “Řidim Říčany (I Manage Říčany)” initiative. This initiative is a year-round outreach program to solicit the feedback and preferences of citizens involving a range of (non-budgetary) city decisions, including priorities for improvement of city services, the theme and timing of cultural events, etc.

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