Access and mine the data collected in EMPATIA!

EMPATIA follows the Open Access principles defined by the EU Commission in the “Guidelines to the Rules on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Open Access to Research Data in Horizon 2020” and integrated in Article 29 of the AMGA signed by all the partners of the Consortium.  Horizon2020 defines the following objectives as the cornerstones of its general Open Access framework:

  • Build on previous research results (improved quality of results)
  • Encourage collaboration & avoid duplication of effort (greater efficiency)
  • Speed up innovation (faster progress to market means faster growth)
  • Involve citizens and society (improved transparency of the scientific process)

In addition to those general objectives of EC Open Access strategy, a major objective of EMPATIA is to improve the transparency and the capacity to analysis of the results of Democratic Innovations by making publicly available the data generated during the processes, allowing independent monitoring and research by third parties.

With that in mind, EMPATIA has  made available an installation of open source data visualisation and management app, called DKAN (i.e. Drupal Knowledge Archive Network). In the Dkan-based section of this site, we published all datasets generated during the Pilots, for the purposes of Impact Assessment and in any other activity of the project where significant datasets have been collected.

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